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Daytime Burning Prohibited

West Virginia's spring forest fire season is underway.
The season began Friday and continues through May31.Outdoor burning during this period is prohibited between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. to prevent forest fires, and all outside burning must have an adequate safety strip of at least 10 feet around the fire source and must never be left unattended.
For more information on outdoor burning call the Division of Forestry at 1-304-743-6183.

Sheriff launches drug test program

At the start of this school year Sheriff Rodney Miller announced a new drug testing program to help parents identify and deal with students using drugs illegally. "Stopping drug abuse has to start at home," Sheriff Miller is asking parents to step up to help students deal with substance abuse pressures.  STEP UP is the acronym for the program and stand for the Sheriffs, Teens, Educators and Parents  United Program. This voluntary program is offered free of charge to parents who suspect their child might have a drug problem.  "The drug and alcohol test kits are free."  
Kits are available at your school and the sheriff's office, and soon from any field deputy sheriff, with no questions asked.

W.Va. officials warn hunters about rabies!

As hunters prepare to head into the woods in the coming months, the West Virginia Department of Agriculture is reminding them about the possibility of encountering rabid animals. Hunters and other visitors to West Virginia's forests are urged to avoid animals that appear to be behaving strangely or seem unusually aggressive. Agriculture Commissioner Gus Douglass says the chance of an exposure involving wildlife is small but rabies is fatal if untreated. Douglass also reminds pet owners that dogs and cats must be vaccinated every two years.