~The Whitesville Fire Department is dedicated to protecting life, property and community resources through prevention, preperation, response and mitigation.~



Whitesville Volunteer Fire Department serves both Boone and Raleigh Counties. These county levies allow Fire Departments within the counties to operate and respond efficiently and safely to community emergencies. County fire and ambulance levies are county supported funds awarded to each fire department yearly for operational needs. A levy must receive a majority vote within it's county to pass. Help us, help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Fire Levy:

Will the levy raise my taxes?
No. Levy rates are staying the same. Taxes only increase if the levy amount increases.

What does the fire levy pay for?
Fire levies fund daily operation of fire departments and allow for proper training, maintenance, safety equipment purchases, and other necessities that allow us to aid our community. 

What services does the fire department provide? 
Whitesville Fire Department provides many services from fire suppression, auto extrication, civil assists, Advanced Life Support first response, and many other calls that meet the needs of the community.

Is there an ambulance levy in Raleigh County?
No. While we serve both Boone and Raleigh Counties, Boone County is the only county within our response area that possesses an ambulance levy. 

For other questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 304-854-1197 or click the link below to visit us on facebook!